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www.networkideas.org International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs): a South-South network of critical and progressive development economists
Address: http://www.networkideas.org/
altindia.net Documentation on sociopolitical issues for concerned citizens; this site also has useful links
Address: http://altindia.net/
PROXSA NET Progressive south asian Exchange Net , a wonderful site managed by FOIL (Forum Of Indian Leftists)
Address: http://www.foil.org/index.html
EPW Economic and Political Weekly. The 'Weekly' is finally on the Net
Address: http://www.epw.org.in/
AIDWA Website of All India Democratic Women's Association, the largest women''s organization in India, with over 7 million membership
Address: http://www.aidwa.org/
Communalism Combat A magazine wholly devoted to the cause of secular action and resistance to communal fascism
Address: http://www.sabrang.com/
South Asia Citizens Web Interesting links and material on South Asia with a healthy proportion devoted to Pakistan and Bangladesh
Address: http://www.mnet.fr/aiindex/
South Asian Initiative An expanding network of secular organisations from south Asia active in different fields
Address: http://www.south-asian-initiative.org/
MIND Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament
Address: http://www.angelfire.com/mi/MIND123/
Delhi Magazine A serious magazine of contemporary south Asian literature in translation, art, music and culture; includes audio files
Address: http://delhimagazine.indowindow.org
Delhi Science Forum Pro-people organisation active in the field of science policy and nuclear disarmament
Address: http://www.delhiscienceforum.org/
Z Magazine and Z Net 'A community of people concerned about social change', a very rich and popular progressive site
Address: http://www.zmag.org/
OnlineVolunteers.org "Together We Can Make a Difference." Most comprehensive site on Gujarat and its aftermath and related issues.
Address: http://www.onlinevolunteers.org/
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